Herr Kuno Sollors, damals Präsident der FISA, war so freundlich, uns an dieser Stelle die Verlinkung mit der offiziellen FISA-Website zu gestatten!


Fédération Internationale 
Sociétés Aérophilatéliques

International Federation 
of Aerophilatelic Societies

Wright Memorial at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA

At this place, on December 12th 1903,Orville Wright first left the earth with a flying machine and paved the way for mankind to explore the sky and the universe.

FISA is the International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies, created on 23rd April 1960 in Strasbourg, France.
FISA is a non-profit organization, is non-religious, non-racial and non-political. The purpose is to promote and assist in the development of Aerophilately and Astrophilately worldwide, with special regard for youth.

Zum Tode von Alexander S. Newall
Zum Tode von Kuno Sollors


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